Abandon Brewing Company

Abandon Brewing Company’s Mission is quite simple.

Produce stellar crafted beers, in  a pretty cool space, delivered  with exceptional service.

These are not easy challenges, but ones we enjoy and work diligently to address on a daily basis.

Abandon provides families and friends a relaxed atmosphere within an early 1800’s reconditioned barn, on a hill overlooking Keuka Lake and Keuka College.

The brewery started as a mutual agreement of providing excellent farm-style beers in the barn on a working farm setting. Over the almost five years in operation, improvements have been developed in yeasts, water chemistry, mash and temperature profiles.

The brewhouse is typical of many breweries, a lot of stainless packed into a small space. The brewer has grown from a 15 gallon pilot system, to a 1 barrel system that was in operation about six weeks before the 3 barrel system arrived. Nine months later our wonderful 10 barrel 3-vessel DME system was set in place. We now have over 80 barrels of fermentation capacity and over 40 barrels for beer aging.

The barn has been outfitted with original and handcrafted wood while the required building corrections were crafted and fitted by local Mennonite carpenters and builders.

Geothermal energy is used to heat the brewing and fermentation area of the brewery while it also cools the glycol used in temperature control of product fermentation. Solar power provides lighting to one of our out buildings with the pavilion to be connected in the near future.

A pavilion and out building have been added to host and support weddings and other large outdoor events.