Beers crafted at Abandon are many and varied. The beers range from the likes of a 3.6% Munich Dunkel to 10.2% BA Imperial Stouts. We have categorized our beers into a couple of series, Flagship and Woodshed. We also brew some incredible sours and have of beers aging in barrels.

The Flagship Series is our standard go to beers, typically lighter in abv (<7%) and more traditional. There are a number of them which are served year-round, boasting of deliciousness and consistency.  There are also a number of beers that are rotated on tap over the course of the year.

​Woodshed Series consists of specialty crafted beers, typically with higher alcohol content across a fewer unique beer styles. These styles include our Belgian Quad and Tripel, and a robust Golden Strong Ale.  The remainder of Woodshed Beers include one offs such a Doppelboch, Imperial IPA, Black Rye IPA to name a few. The process for Woodshed beers tends to take longer and exposes the full creativity of our brewers.

Sours and Barrel Aged beers takes us back to our original goal of Farm Style Beers. We age a number of beers styles in wood barrels, only serving the beers when they are ready and meet our quality satisfaction. The Sours are predominantly aged our on-site propagated yeasts and wild yeast blends. Fruits are integral to the sours. Barrel aged beers include Porters, Stouts, Sours, and Brett Beers.